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Elected Officials

The Clark County Democratic Party is proud of our elected Democratic officials. Please find information about Democrats elected to offices at the federal, state, county, and local levels below.

President and Vice President

Joe Biden


Kamala Harris

Vice President

United States Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto

U.S. Senator

Jacky Rosen

U.S. Senator

U.S. House of Representatives

Dina Titus

Representative, CD-1

Susie Lee

Representative, CD-3

Steven Horsford

Representative, CD-4

State Constitutional Offices

Steve Sisolak


Lisa Cano Burkhead

Lt. Governor

Aaron Ford

Attorney General

Catherine Byrne


Zach Conine


State Senate

Pat Spearman

Senator, SD-1

Mo Denis

Senator, SD-2

Chris Brooks

Senator, SD-3

Dina Neal

Senator, SD-4

Nicole Cannizzaro

Majority Leader; Senator, SD-6

Roberta Lange

Senator, SD-7

Marilyn Dondero Loop

Senator, SD-8

Melanie Scheible

Senator, SD-9

Fabian Donate

Senator, SD-10

Dallas Harris

Senator, SD-11

James Ohrenschall

Senator, SD-21

State Assembly

Daniele Monroe-Moreno

Assemblywoman, AD-1

Selena Torres

Assemblywoman, AD-3

Brittney Miller

Assemblywoman, AD-5

Shondra Summers-Armstrong

Assemblywoman, AD-6

Cameron "C.H." Miller

Assemblyman, AD-7

Jason Frierson

Speaker; Assemblyman, AD-8

Steve Yeager

Assemblyman, AD-9

Rochelle Nguyen

Assemblywoman, AD-10

Bea Duran

Assemblywoman, AD-11

Susie Martinez

Assemblywoman, AD-12

Maggie Carlton

Assemblywoman, AD-14

Howard Watts

Assemblyman, AD-15

Cecelia González

Assemblywoman, AD-16

Clara "Claire" Thomas

Assemblywoman, AD-17

Venicia Considine

Assemblywoman, AD-18

David Orentlicher

Assemblyman, AD-20

Elaine Marzola

Assemblywoman, AD-21

Edgar Flores

Assemblyman, AD-28

Lesley Cohen

Assemblywoman, AD-29

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

Assemblywoman, AD-34

Michelle Gorelow

Assemblywoman, AD-35

Sandra Jauregui

Assemblywoman, AD-41

Tracy Brown-May

Assemblywoman, AD-42

County Commission

Michael Naft

Commissioner, District A

Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Commissioner, District B

Ross Miller

Commissioner, District C

William McCurdy II

Commissioner, District D

Tick Segerblom

Commissioner, District E

Justin Jones

Commissioner, District F

Jim Gibson

Commission Chair; Commissioner, District G

County Offices

Steve Wolfson

District Attorney

Briana Johnson


Lynn Goya


Debbie Conway


Laura Fitzpatrick


Robert Telles

Public Administrator

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