Adopted April 21, 2018
E pluribus Unum; out of many, one
The Clark County Democratic Party recognizes we are on Indigenous land of the Southern Paiute people, we recognize honor and respect the value of every individual’s existence in our community. The Platform is a statement of beliefs and policy positions held by the Democratic Party of Clark County.


Human Rights

Diversity and inclusion are the greatest strengths of our nation and our party, but diversity isn’t achieved by doing the bare minimum. We support inclusion and freedom for individuals including equal respect, equal rights, and equal protection under the law. We Support equal rights for all people without regard to gender, color, age, race, national origin, legal status, religion, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Therefore;

  • We support affirmative action.
  • We support the inherent rights of indigenous peoples to maintain cultural autonomy in their economy, sovereignty, religion, language, customs and land holdings.
  • We support the elimination of race-based Indian logos, mascots and names from educational institutes in elimination of racial stereotypes.
  • We believe that equality of rights shall not be denied or abridged on account of gender identity or expression.
  • We support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in both the state and national constitutions.
  • We support the protection of marriage equality for all adult couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
  • We support equal treatment under the law for all Nevadans regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.
  • We support amending the Nevada Constitution to remove all discriminatory language in terms of marriage equality and all associated rights guaranteed by our constitution.
  • We oppose the segregation and discrimination of transgender individuals, of all ages, in all public facilities.
  • We believe in the need for equality for all people with regard to public accommodations and in public spaces, including increased accessibility for disabled persons.
  • We oppose torture and enhanced interrogation techniques in any form.
  • We support the separation of church and state as envisioned by our founding fathers and incorporated in the constitution of the United States.
  • We support the immediate and permanent closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay as it is a threat to national security.
  • We oppose the use of conversion therapy anywhere in the state of Nevada.
  • >We support common sense comprehensive immigration reform.
  • We support comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and provides an affordable pathway to citizenship for undocumented individuals and their families.
  • We support the use of executive action to ensure families are not torn apart by deportation including the DACA and DAPA programs, until Congress enacts comprehensive immigration reform.
  • We support strong border security that doesn’t disrupt the lives of border communities or criminalize humanitarian aid provided to border crossings, but oppose the use or endorsement of unregulated, or unsanctioned militia-style groups to patrol our borders.
  • We support every immigrant being able to attain driving privileges and in-state tuition rates, regardless of their status.
  • We oppose detention centers that separate parents from their children.
  • We oppose the border wall.
  • We oppose any efforts by local law enforcement to train officers to perform federal immigration officer duties.
  • We oppose efforts to ban sanctuary cities by those who are incapable of defining what a “sanctuary city” is.
  • We oppose any and all efforts to legislate punitive damages for criminal activity on the backs of immigrants.
  • We oppose any efforts by white nationalist, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi groups to radically change immigration laws to limit family migration, visa lotteries, and immigration from countries where the majority of citizens are most likely to be non-white.
  • We support giving anyone, regardless of citizenship status, the social security benefits they are eligible for if they have worked in the United States and contributed into the benefit.
  • We support removing the 60 months ban on new Americans receiving public benefits they are eligible for.

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Community Health and Welfare

We support families and communities through strengthening social programs and community services. We support the move towards a Universal Healthcare plan like Medicare or Medicaid for all. EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT TO SINGLE-PAYER, QUALITY HEALTH CARE; TO; AFFORDABLE HOUSING, AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION; AND A SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.
We oppose the privatization of core and public services and support responsible, transparent, targeted spending that prepares our country for the future.

  • We support the continued funding and improvement of vital social programs, such as rent support, low-income housing, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, State Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security.
  • We support a review of the foster-care system and finding ways to support young people who are aging out of the system.
  • We support a family judicial system that is non-discriminative regarding child custody decisions.
  • We support programs that eliminate barriers to housing for all individuals including, but not limited to; the homeless, elderly, disabled, formerly incarcerated, and low-to-middle income populations.
  • We support the rights of, and programs that benefit homeless Nevadans, especially our most vulnerable populations; seniors, youth, the disabled, gender non-conforming, and veterans.
  • We oppose the forced relocation of vulnerable populations and support the continued funding of infrastructure to meet the needs of the homeless population.
  • We support programs that provide much needed relief for Nevada’s homeowners still struggling with the housing crisis.
  • We support expanding programs aimed at first-time home ownership, which does not include predatory lending.
  • We support the development of more diverse affordable housing options.
  • We support allowing the Center for Disease Control to study the effects of gun violence.
  • We support banning bump stocks or any other device that makes a semiautomatic weapon fire like an automatic weapon.
  • We believe liability insurance must be purchased for every gun.
  • We support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.
  • We support investing in Nevada’s infrastructure. A robust transportation system is necessary for prosperity and commerce in Nevada. By committing to update our roads, highways, bridges, and other transportation projects, we can invest in the future, create jobs, and increase efficiency in our economy.
  • We support an increase in federal investment dedicated to safe active transportation networks.
  • We support integrating health, environmental, efficiency, and safety concerns into transportation decisions.
  • We support improving and expanding multi-modal transportation that includes, but is not limited to; bicycling, walking, environmentally-conscious buses, and light rail.
  • We support extending the Fuel Tax Revenue Indexing for Clark County.
  • We support the creation of new and expanded roadway infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion as the top priority of the Nevada Department of Transportation.
  • We support the establishment of high speed rail between California and Northern Nevada in order to increase tourism and commerce.
  • We support the use of rail for long distance freight hauls.
  • We support the belief that every American deserves a secure, healthy, and dignified retirement. Social Security is a promise that’s been kept for generations; making it financially sound for current and future generations should be a top priority.
  • We support ensuring that a retirement with dignity is the right and expectation of every single American, starting with pension reform, expanding saving incentives, and preventing the privatization of social security. We recognize that Americans rely on more than just Social Security for a secure and dignified retirement; therefore, we will continue to fight for genuine pension reform that protects employees’ financial security from future abuse.
  • We support maintaining and even lowering the age that Social Security benefits are disbursed.
  • We support raising, or scrapping, the social security payroll tax cap.
  • We oppose the Cost-of- Living Adjustments that are tied to chained CPI.
  • We support a health care system that ensures quality, health care for all.
  • We support the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act both in Nevada and across the country.
  • We further support the transition to universal single- payer healthcare and the immediate option for any citizen to buy into Medicaid.
  • We support improving access to services through Medicare and Medicaid programs, including dental and vision services.
  • We support adding prescription drug benefits to Medicare and requiring drug manufacturers to provide rebates for low- income Medicare enrollees equivalent to the rebates offered to Medicaid enrollees.
  • We support requiring health insurers to cap monthly covered, out-of-pocket drug expenses.
  • We support the Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015 and urge Congress to pass it.
  • We support mental health parity as part of any health care plan, so coverage of mental illness is provided on the same terms as other illnesses and diseases.
  • We support an increase in funding for mental health services and family support as well as improving access to mental health awareness and education services.
  • We support decriminalizing mental health issues.
  • We support early mental health screening for children as a preventative measure.
  • We support continued funding for HIV and AIDS prevention, education, research, health care, and counseling.
  • We support increasing the availability of medical treatment in rural and underserved areas.
  • We support universal screening programs for infants for disabling or life-threatening conditions, as well as re-screening for young children for developmental disorders.
  • We support increased funding for medical research, including stem cell research.
  • We support lowering the nurse/patient ratio to meet nationally recommended nursing standards.
  • We support increasing funding for home and community-based services that provide for direct-care services for elderly and indigent patients.
  • We believe that caregivers and home care workers deserve a living wage.
  • We support inclusive health care coverage for the LGBTQI* community.
  • We support strengthening childhood obesity regulations and policies.
  • We support funding for public health services to meet or exceed national average.
  • We support the right of all patients to know the estimated costs of their care before they are delivered.
  • We support women’s healthcare and reproductive freedom, including the constitutional right to privacy and reproductive freedom of choice established in the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade and affirmed in Nevada Revised Statutes, Sec. 442.50.
  • We support requiring that insurance companies cover a full range of reproductive health care, including coverage for 12-month birth control and fertility treatments.
  • We support the coverage of gender confirmation surgery, hormone replacement therapy, by both private and public insurance companies.
  • We support state and federal funding for reproductive health providers including funding to organizations such as Planned Parenthood under Title X.
  • We support providing pre- and post-natal care for all pregnant women and their infants.
  • We oppose medically unnecessary obstacles to women obtaining reproductive health care, including contraception and abortions.
  • We oppose misleading so-called “personhood” ballot initiatives designed to ban all abortions, including in cases of rape or incest, and other vital women’s health services by granting legal protections to fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses.
  • We oppose parental notification requirements that put an unnecessary burden on young people (minors) to access reproductive health services.
  • We support students’ privacy in public schools and oppose any restrictions on a student’s ability to express their gender, including restrictions on a student’s right to use the bathroom or locker room based on the gender they identify with.
  • We support making training available to medical students in the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, including the provision of abortion services.
  • We oppose the government forcing people to give birth.

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Criminal Justice Reforms

We support a criminal justice system that promotes accountable and transparent policing, increased educational services for law enforcement, the incarcerated, and tangential service providers, unbiased prosecution,
fair sentencing, safe prisons, and comprehensive rehabilitation to help released prisoners become productive members of society.

  • We oppose profiling citizens based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, origin, or socio-economic status.
  • We support the use of body cameras on all peace officers, including correctional officers.
  • We oppose the intentional deactivation or non-use of body cameras and additional monitoring equipment by peace officers, including corrections, and we advocate assessing criminal charges for doing so.
  • We support increased law enforcement training and educational services that is culturally proficient in order to reduce police brutality and institutional racism.
  • We support hiring peace officers that reflect the diversity of the communities that they serve.
  • We support local and state programs offering solutions to gang violence and alternatives to incarceration.
  • We support reporting of statistics on arrest-related injuries or deaths occurring while in police custody.
  • We support requiring officers to collect information such as race, ethnicity, and gender for all contacts they initiative that leads to arrest or ticketing.
  • We support the reclassification of marijuana from a Schedule I Controlled Substance to a lower Schedule under the CSA.
  • We believe all Nevadans who have been arrested for marijuana possession, growth, or distribution should be released from jail or/and have their records expunged.
  • We believe all Nevadans who have been wrongly imprisoned who are later fully exonerated and released should receive monetary compensation from the state.
  • We believe that sentencing reform is needed for people serving jail time, now, in the future, or those previously convicted of nonviolent marijuana related offenses.
  • We support legislation that prohibits overcharging alleged offenders, a practice used to force plea bargains and gain convictions.
  • We support racial and gender-neutral sentencing.
  • We support continuing or instituting citizen oversight review boards that have subpoena power for the District Attorney, police, parole, prisons, courts, and social services.
  • We support flexible forms of sentencing for non-violent offenders, so that they can continue to provide for themselves and their dependents, reducing the cost to society.
  • We support the maintenance and improvement of Veterans Courts.
  • We oppose the privatization of jails and prisons and law enforcement programs and activities driven by profits or income support.
  • We support the expansion of paid work, educational, counseling and recreational programs, both in and out of the institutional setting.
  • We support abolishing the 13th Amendment and ending slavery in our country’s prisons.
  • We oppose capital punishment.
  • We support an immediate moratorium on all executions until such legislation has been enacted.
  • We oppose pre-trial sentencing for non-violent offenders.
  • We oppose criminalizing sex work.
  • We oppose forcing victims of sex trafficking to register as sex offenders.
  • We oppose the jailing and fining of those committing low level offenses like jaywalking or being poor.
  • We believe ability to pay should be assessed before assigning bail, and bail be assessed fairly to the crime.
  • We believe law enforcement should not monitor, surveille, or harass civil rights or social justice organizations such as Black Lives Matter; instead resources should be invested in eradicating white supremacists and neo-Nazis from our state.
  • We believe if someone is arrested, but not convicted, that arrest should never appear on their record.
  • We believe in the decriminalization of immigrants. Resources used to train officers to behave as federal officers should be redirected to defending Nevada from federal overreach.
  • We believe that the targeting of immigrants by federal immigration authorities including ICE, Homeland Security, Border Patrol has no place in our prisons, jails, or our communities.
  • We believe DHS federal funding for immigration enforcement is better spent on deportation defense and legal support.
  • We support the use of non-lethal weapon, tasers, rubber bullets, or non-lethal weapons for non-life threatening arrests.
  • We oppose police departments investigating themselves without an external audit of the investigation.
  • We support the internal and external investigation of all incidents of police violence.
  • We support treating simple illicit drug use as a civil matter, rather than criminal.
  • We support programs that help victims of crime.
  • We support increased funding of intervention, education, counseling, medical services, mental health services, and shelter services for victims of crimes including, but not limited to; child abuse, elder abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and victims of sex trafficking.
  • We support violence prevention programs and anti-bullying programs in all public, private, and charter schools.
  • We support ending the rape kit backlog in Nevada, and the entire United States.
  • We support efficient and accurate counting, tracking, and timely testing of every rape kit booked into evidence as well as accountability of our law enforcement agencies in order to ensure that our rape kit testing backlog never reoccurs.
  • We support common sense gun safety regulations and gun violence prevention.
  • With great rights comes great responsibility:
    • We support the right to bear arms in a responsible manner.
    • We support outlawing guns on school campuses and keeping guns out of public and government buildings.
    • We support technology aimed at keeping children safe and ensuring that firearms are stored safely in gun owners homes.
    • We support efforts to reduce gun violence.
    • We support the immediate implementation and enforcement of the ballot initiative that was approved by the voters in 2016.
    • We oppose any efforts by the Nevada Legislature to make it easier for dangerous people like convicted: domestic abusers; violent criminals; stalkers; and those lawfully adjudicated as mentally ill to have easier access to weapons.
    • We support strict standards on reciprocity laws in Nevada that protect our families and visitors.
    • We support reporting gun injuries and deaths as community health problems and keeping statistics and studying those statistics as a public health issue.

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The future of our nation rests with our children and their ability to reach their full potential. No better tool exists for securing this future than to guarantee a free quality
education for every child beginning with pre-school and ending with higher education or vocational training. All children in Nevada deserve the opportunity to succeed from a young age.

  • We believe that all children should have equal access to a free, high quality public education and supports fully investing in pre-K-12 education.
  • We support the development and implementation of a new funding formula that is equitable for funding for pre-K-12 education in Nevada, regardless of location.
  • We further support that money earmarked for education be used as intended.
  • We support increasing education funding to at least the national average.
  • We support fully investing in pre-K education including Head Start, Full Day Kindergarten, reading readiness programs, and child nutrition programs, and their expansion countywide as these programs have been proven to increase academic success for our students.
  • We support further investment in pre-K-12 ELL programs.
  • We support an increase in special education funding for any schools who receive public funds.
  • We support measures to properly classify multiracial, tribally enrolled members and descendants so they receive the Federal Indian Education services required according to Federal trust agreements and treaties still standing.
  • We oppose privatizing any element of public education.
  • We oppose any public funding of private educational institutions, including voucher/scholarship programs or any other system that segregates students, purposefully or not, based on race, religion or income.
  • We oppose any attempt to break up or reorganize any school district in the State of Nevada.
  • We support teaching a culturally competent and age appropriate curriculum for pre-K-12 that includes economics, state, U.S. and world history, geography, arts education, and foreign language teaching.
  • We support culturally competent, and age appropriate civic education that teaches students how elections work.
  • We support full integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics) education in the pre-K-12 curriculum in order to prepare students for 21st century jobs.
  • We support the creation of specialized learning academies/schools with union apprenticeship programs or industrial partnerships.
  • We support an investment in new learning materials, when appropriate, in all Nevada classrooms; to ensure curriculum and information is in line with the technological advancements of the 21st Century.
  • We believe ethnic studies should be part of every curriculum, including the history of Black migration in Nevada, and the history of Indigenous Nevadans.
  • We oppose any effort to censor or re-write American history through selective textbook writings, including any effort to impose religious doctrine on students, or erase the true details of slavery or existing indigenous communities prior to colonization and their genocide.
  • We oppose rigid curriculum standards that emphasize a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.
  • We support a longer school day/longer school year in order to enrich the current curricula.
  • We support a minimum of one-hour daily physical activity for all students.
  • We support public funding for remedial summer school.
  • We support the funding of quality, nutritious and balanced school breakfast and lunch programs for all children, with adequate time to eat.
  • We support medically accurate, inclusive, consent-based, and developmentally appropriate sexual education in publicly funded Nevada schools.
  • We believe homeless and transient children should be able to register for a home school and be provided with transportation to that school in order to facilitate their ability to graduate from high school, despite their unstable circumstances.
  • We support the ability of runaway children to register for school without parental information or consent.
  • We believe for-profit charter schools should be regulated and overseen in the same manner as private schools.
  • We also believe for-profit charter schools should never receive public money intended for public schools, nor should public schools have to compete with private charter schools for resources.
  • We believe all students have the right to use safe, clean restroom, free from scrutiny and bullying.
  • We believe in breaking the inequities that cause what is referred to as the school to prison pipeline.
  • We believe the diversity of our K-12 students should be reflected in those teaching them.
  • We believe all teachers, support staff, and administrators should receive implicit bias training.
  • We oppose arming teachers with weapons. We support our public schools partnering with trade unions and local organizations like Nevada Partners for internship and apprenticeship programs.
  • We support reexamining the reorganization of the Clark County School District.
  • We support comprehensive, multi-tiered systems of support for social-emotional, and behavioral health.
  • We support a mandated culturally competent, age appropriate, social-emotional behavioral health curriculum for preK through 12 education.
  • We support public educators and support staff.
  • We support increasing the pay and benefit package, that is competitive or better than the regional/national averages, for our teachers, support staff, and student instructional support personnel.
  • We support making high quality professional development programs available for all education professionals throughout their careers.
  • We support a system of peer assistance and review to support our educators and improve instructions for students.
  • We oppose any system of using student test scores to determine teacher evaluation and retentions.
  • We support funding of mentoring programs for new teachers and principals.
  • We support funding for school districts to pay teachers for extra teaching time. Teachers should also receive a comparable amount of paid preparation time in the event that the school day is extended.
  • We support increasing compensation to teachers and support staff for all supplies used in the classroom that come out of their own pocket.
  • We support lowering the teacher to student ratio to a manageable size that allows teachers, support staff, and student instructional support personnel sufficient time with each student.
  • We support all efforts to protect pre-K-12 students from sexual misconduct from teachers, staff, and other adults on campus, as well as other students.
  • We support fully investing in a strong university and college system that allows all qualified high school graduates to get a quality college education without incurring crippling debt.
  • We support the development and implementation of a new funding formula that is equitable for higher education across Nevada.
  • We support legislation to fund the university and community college system at a level sufficient for excellent education without increasing tuition.
  • We support continued funding of the Millennium Scholarship Fund for Nevada’s students.
  • We support the continued investment in the development of the medical school in Southern Nevada.
  • We support the availability of no-cost higher education options.
  • We support non- predatory, creative refinancing, income-based repayment, and restructuring or forgiveness programs to help students avoid and escape crushing student loan debt.
  • We support paying a living wage to Adjunct Professors and their ability to form and join a union or collective bargaining unit.
  • We support the diversity of our universities student body be reflected in staff at every level.
  • We support the establishment of fully functional online degree programs at all public colleges and universities in Nevada that will enable veterans and military families to better utilize GI Bill and Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Programs.

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Elections, Voting Rights, and Government Ethics

Democracy in our state and nation depends upon fair and free elections. We believe that government should operate in an ethical manner without undue influence from vested financial or ideological interests.

  • We support the protection of voter rights so that qualified voters are not denied the opportunity to cast their votes.
  • We support eliminating inequities in the voting process by mandating equal voter access in the designation of polling places and facilities; regulating the distribution and type of voting machines; and providing for same day registration using a secure electronic system.
  • We support modernizing our election system through measures such as digitizing Election Day poll books.
  • We support protecting permanent early voting sites, across racial and socio-economic boundaries, as well as maintaining the 14 days of Early Vote which allow all voters to exercise their rights to vote.
  • We support “permanent and portable” voter registration tracking system that follows voters as they move.
  • We support increasing absentee ballot access.
  • We support increased access to electronic and Braille ballots in order to ensure that disabled individuals can fully participate in the process and exercise their right to vote.
  • We oppose any efforts to gerrymander Nevada’s political district lines.
  • We support continued pre-voter registration for 17-year-olds.
  • We support expanding and improving online voter registration.
  • We support automatic voter registration when you turn 18.
  • We support restoring voting rights to convicted felons once they’ve completed their sentence.
  • We support a robust digital voter registration process for all public agencies.
  • We support defending, restoring, and enhancing the Voting Rights Act.
  • We oppose onerous and burdensome photo ID requirements for voting and/or any other efforts aimed at voter suppression.
  • We support making Election Day a state/national holiday. We support Automatic Voter Registration.
  • We support one person one vote and the abolition of the electoral college.
  • We support the redistricting process to be completed by a nonpartisan panel with judicial review before approval.
  • We support examining the benefits and process of moving Nevada toward mail-in ballot elections.
  • We support primary elections to choose presidential candidates, or a “firehouse” style caucus process.
  • We support same day registration.
  • We support the modern equivalent of the FCC Fairness Doctrine.
  • We support the highest ethical standards for all public officials and full transparency and accountability for all local, county, and state government and elected representatives, regardless of their political party or affiliation.
  • We support amending Nevada’s Constitution in order to have a full-time legislature that can effectively address the needs of a growing and prosperous state.
  • We support continuing the ban on registered lobbyists on the floor of the Nevada Legislature.
  • We support amending the Nevada Constitution to remove the 2/3 majority requirement for enacting any revenue, spending, or taxation laws.
  • We support amending the US Constitution to provide for election of the President by popular vote.
  • We support having a fully-staffed federal judiciary.
  • We support diversity of thought and background to our federal courts through the appointment of qualified justices.
  • We oppose any efforts to delay justice for Americans in the judicial process simply because of partisan bickering and we oppose efforts to stop all procedural delays and obstruction in the judicial confirmation process.
  • We support holding both elected and appointed government officials fully accountable for violation of laws and regulations.
  • We support the appointment of a bipartisan Nevada State Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General, with full subpoena power and law enforcement authority, in order to investigate and hold government agencies fully accountable for fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct.
  • We believe any entity wishing to recall a public official must disclose–before they can collect signatures–committee members, funding source, and detailed reasons.
  • We support amending Nevada law to only allow recalls in the instance of unethical or illegal behavior, and never for ideological differences or to increase political majorities.
  • We further support comprehensive campaign finance reform that seeks to eliminate corruption and provides for full transparency in financing political campaigns.
  • We oppose the Citizens United decision and believe that corporations are not people and money is not speech.
  • We support campaign finance reform and public funding of elections.
  • We support full, complete, and timely public disclosure laws for all sources of political contributions for all candidates and elected officials for any local, state, or federal office.
  • We support a Federal Constitutional Amendment confirming Congress’ right to ensure fair and honest elections by curtailing the excessive influence of money in politics.
  • We support requiring Political Action Committees to register, be clearly identified, fully identify donors, and declare their intention publicly in order to ensure transparency.
  • We support real-time financial disclosure for lobbyists who spend money on/for elected officials and/or their staff.
  • We support bold regulatory reform necessary for economic growth. While it is important to ensure that the industries that provide service to Nevadans are properly regulated to ensure the safety of the general public, regulatory agencies, laws, and regulations.
  • We support reforming the appointment process for all regulatory commissions in order to ensure that the voices of the people are heard.
  • We support that all regulatory commissions follow Open Meeting law.

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Energy, Environment, and Land Use

The future of our nation and our state depend on an energy policy that will provide energy independence and sustainability, protect our environment, preserve our lands, and provide for the health and economic
well-being of our present and future citizens.

  • We support promoting conservation and the development of renewable resources in an environmentally sound manner while ensuring that every possible action is taken to combat climate change and transition off fossil fuels.
  • We support Nevada becoming an international leader in the research, development, education, and production of green energy.
  • We support end users being able have solar panels on their private residences and to sell the power they produce back to the grid.
  • We support regulating the installation and maintenance of roof-top solar panels in order to ensure that the technology is installed safely and reliably by unionized, licensed, skilled, and knowledge Nevada workers.
  • We envision a future where 100% of our energy needs are met by renewable resources.
  • As an important step toward that goal, we support increasing Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% renewables by 2030.
  • We support large-scale renewable energy projects, sited with minimized ecological conflicts within zones designated by federal and state agencies.
  • We support Nevada legislative action to require that all new public buildings meet the highest energy environmental design standards, and develop a plan for the conversion of existing public buildings to meet those standards.
  • We support local government in taking steps to reduce air emissions, promote conservation, develop mass transit and other technologies, and provide educational programs aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • We support the immediate renewal of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and America’s continued participation in the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • We support an end to all federal public lands fossil fuel production.
  • We oppose the use of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” within the State of Nevada.
  • We support a scientifically-based public education campaign on climate change.
  • We oppose coal fired power plants.
  • We support policies which ensure sustainability and accountability for polluters.
  • We support focusing the Office of Economic Development on the recruitment and retention of green businesses to Nevada.
  • We support the opportunity to recycle for all business and individuals.
  • We support holding companies responsible for clean-up cost, including long-term costs, due to pollution.
  • We recognize that the hard rock mining industry is the dirtiest and most destructive industry in the world. The mining industry’s tax protections must be removed from Nevada’s constitution and an excise tax should be presented in its place so Nevada can prepare financially for environmental damage.
  • We believe the mining industry must be required to limit the amount of water resources they take from Nevadans.
  • We believe the mining industry must be 100% financially responsible for clean-up and restoration after mine decommissioning.
  • We support a water resource management policy that promotes conservation, sound impact analysis, and the management of the waters of the State in a manner that provides sustainable water supplies for future generations
  • We support water conservation efforts.
  • We oppose inter-basin water transfers.
  • We encourage federal investment in order to lower the cost of desalination, which should be explored as a realistic option for future water supplies.
  • We oppose the transportation and disposal of high level nuclear waste in the State.
  • We urge all state agencies and elected representatives to continue to vigorously oppose the licensing, construction, and operation of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.
  • We urge the federal government to designate the Nevada Test Site a Superfund Site.
  • We oppose any effort to use nuclear power as an energy source until a viable, consent-based solution is achieved for the permanent storage of high level nuclear waste.
  • We support land use management policies that provide for the enhancement of wilderness areas, recreational opportunities, wildlife, woodland, water resource protection, and land.
  • We recognize that what is currently known as Nevada exists on stolen land. Native Americans should be the leading voices on all public land issues.
  • We support keeping public lands in public hands.
  • We support biologically sound, ethical, and sustainable land management policies, and adequate funding for the agencies that manage Nevada’s lands.
  • We support the continued permanent protection of Nevada’s Gold Butte and Basin and Range National Monuments.
  • We support the military’s mission of providing for our national security, but we oppose the transfer of public lands to the Department of Defense for bombing range expansions at Fallon Naval Air Station and the Nevada Test and Training Range.
  • We support the legislature to designate a state network of bicycle, equestrian and non-motorized trails and to provide funds for the construction and maintenance of this network.
  • We support the cooperation of local, state, and federal agencies to designate and develop specific areas for the use of off highway vehicles.
  • We support the Nevada Department of Wildlife managing wildlife populations with a primary goal of long- term ecological balance, including restoring Nevada’s native carnivore populations.
  • We oppose the barbaric practice of commercial fur trapping in Nevada.
  • We oppose animal cruelty.
  • We support the continued investment into green city technologies including but not limited to solar highways, increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points.

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Labor, Working Families, Economic Justice, and Job Security

We support protecting the fundamental rights of all workers because Nevada, and rest of America, is built by hard working and dedicated individuals. A failure to protect and support our workers is a failure to
protect and support our nation and ourselves. It is the government’s responsibility to protect consumers and workers; promote fair business practices; and provide for the public good.

  • We support collective bargaining and binding arbitration for all public and state employees with legislation that would require non-members of the bargaining units to provide payment to the bargaining agent if those non-members benefit directly from the negotiated agreements.
  • We support a worker’s right to form or join a union without employer retaliation or intimidation.
  • We support reclassifying employees to match their true skill and job responsibilities in an effort to combat predatory business practices.
  • We oppose any legislation that seeks to weaken the power of our unions.
  • We support repeal of Nevada’s Right to Work Legislation.
  • We support calling on employers to acknowledge the rights of employees to organize. Additionally, we support calling on employers to negotiate fairly with those workers and enforce collective bargaining agreements or applicable state/federal labor laws.
  • We support strengthening prevailing wage standards and the protection of Project Labor Agreements.
  • We support strengthening private and public pensions, including Nevada PERS.
  • We oppose the privatization of Nevada PERS; including but not limited to changing it from a defined benefit to a defined contribution.
  • We oppose wage and benefit theft through the misclassification of workers–including seasonal employees–as independent contractors and the creation of “permanent-part-time” positions.
  • We support paid parental, family, and medical leave, regardless of the size of the company.
  • We support high quality, affordable child care for all families, including early learning and afterschool programs, which provide a safe and educational program to children whose parent, or guardians, are actively participating in the workforce.
  • We believe is it imperative that child care workers are compensated fairly and have a voice in the funding-planning process.
  • We support strong labor protections for domestic workers and farm workers.
  • We support equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race.
  • We support protecting and granting paid release time for Union Advocates.
  • We support the elimination of the tax exemption for companies, or their sub-contractors, who employ non-resident, non-union workers.
  • We support all resort and convention corridor workers and their efforts to join a union.
  • We support maintaining a work environment that is free from sexual and gender harassment.
  • We support the full implementation of the Nevada Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
  • We support requiring employers to provide health coverage to all employees.
  • We believe if an employer uses work time to discourage union involvement, labor unions should be given equal time and access to explain the benefits of union membership.
  • We support a living wage and fair compensation and benefits for all workers; every Nevadan deserves a fair shot at the American Dream.
  • We support efforts to eliminate poverty by increasing the minimum wage to a living wage and linking the minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index.
  • We support making unemployment compensation tax exempt.
  • We support additional funding for the workers compensation system in Nevada so that benefits will be distributed sooner and in increased amounts.
  • We support the protection of federal Davis-Bacon Act, the federal law that protects prevailing wages, and Nevada’s own “Little Davis-Bacon” law.
  • We support the establishment of a six month residency requirement for workers employed on tax payer funded or subsidized jobs in an effort to keep Nevada money in the state.
  • We support protecting workers from an unsafe working environment.
  • We support efforts to fully fund the Nevada Division of Occupational, Safety, and Health Agency and the Mine Safety and Health Agency.
  • We support requiring skilled labor training and certification for all crafts performing life threatening activities, preventing potential loss of life, and or injury to self and others.
  • We support economic justice for all.
  • We support a revised tax code that is progressive, fair, and closes corporate loopholes.
  • We oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements, programs, or incentives that encourage companies to outsource and offshore their jobs and profits.
  • We support adequately funding education, social services, health services and infrastructure, to make Nevada a national leader by 2020.
  • We support policies that ensure that businesses cover the true social and environmental costs of their products and services instead of shifting the costs to the community or future generations.
  • We oppose predatory lending practices that prey on low income Nevadans, people of color, and active duty military. As proposed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a minimum income ought to be provided as a way of alleviating poverty.
  • We support regulation of markets and commerce to ensure business owners are treated fairly.
  • We support effective government policies to foster small business.
  • We support public policies that level the playing field for all Nevada businesses including equitable taxes and regulation; fair and equal access to capital; and support for business innovation and technology regardless of size.
  • We support the creation of business incubators and mentoring opportunities for people of color, Veterans, and woman-owned business.
  • We support consumer rights to safe products, equitable dealings, and fair prices.
  • We support the reinstatement of usury laws in the State of Nevada to protect consumers.
  • We oppose predatory loan practices and support limits on the interest rates for all loan instruments.
  • We support steps to guarantee safety of all domestic and imported products sold in U.S. markets.
  • We support laws that bar businesses and other organizations from collecting and selling consumers’ personal information.
  • We support net neutrality and ensuring that the Internet remains a space for the open exchange of ideas and information, free of discrimination and corporate control.
  • We support increased research and regulation on all genetically modified foods to ensure safety for humans, animals, and the environment.

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Taxes, Revenue, and Spending

We support taxes assessed on a fair basis. Corporations and wealthy individuals should pay their fair share in order to provide funding for programs that support success for Nevada’s families and individuals.
We also recognize that Capitalism can only function with fair, regulated, and transparent markets.

  • We support the closing of tax loopholes that allow corporations to pay lower taxes than middle class families.
  • We support reinstating and strengthening of Glass-Steagall.
  • We support strengthening the regulation of Wall Street and big banks; prohibiting any special treatment of too-big-to-fail institutions; and giving regulators more authority to force overly complex or risky firms to reorganize, downsize, or break apart.
  • We support to the removal of the cap on Social Security taxes.
  • We support full and immediate funding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and agencies in charge of regulating commodities speculation and financial markets.
  • We support the removal of the cap on mining taxation in Nevada.
  • We oppose raising property taxes until all businesses operating in the state are paying property taxes.
  • We support revenue collection sufficient to fully fund the local, state, and federal government, including education funding.
  • We believe no worthwhile government program should suffer cuts as a result of the failure to collect sufficient tax revenue.
  • We support the collection of revenue for the full funding of fundamental public services, including but not limited to education, environmental protection, law enforcement, veterans and military families, public housing, social services, and public transportation.
  • We support finding additional sources of revenue in order to continue the much needed funding increases to Nevada schools.
  • We support taxing corporations like the mining industry who do not pay their fair share in taxes.
  • We oppose raising sales taxes, property tax, or any other forms of regressive taxation that hurts low income Nevadans.
  • We support adequate funding for scientific and medical research, the State Department, and the United Nations.

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Veterans, National Defense, and Military Families

We believe that a strong and flexible military is essential to protect our country and her citizenry. We must understand that in order to maintain our military we must protect and
support all the personale that make up that military whether active, reserve, or national guard, as well as those families that support the troops, at home or abroad. We must also be proactive for those individuals that served and must ensure
that all benefits be in place and supported for those veterans. Thus, We pledge to always stand with ALL military personnel, veterans, and their families as they serve as well as when they return home.

  • We support the men and women of our Armed Forces of the United States to include, active duty, reserve, and National Guard, as they defend our state and nation.
  • We pledge to always stand with military personnel, veterans, and their families as they serve as well as when they return home.
  • We support additional help for Nevada’s veterans as a way to honor their service to our nation. Nevada’s Veterans deserve world-class healthcare and benefits programs. American servicemembers should not be denied the right to serve because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.
  • We support the use of military readiness and diplomacy to deter war. Only when that has been exhausted, should military force be utilized and always in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.
  • We believe that veterans are entitled to the full complement of benefits and services that they have earned. This includes, but is not limited to; educational, job placement, vocational training, financial management counseling, housing, employment, and legal benefits.
  • We support increases in both programs and funds for at risk vets including extra support for elderly and homeless Veterans.
  • We support expanding and providing easier access to service members, military families and veterans’ health services and assistance programs, including, but not limited to: pharmacies, psychological, psychiatric, addiction, prosthetic, palliative care, reproductive and contraceptive services, as well as rehabilitative care. We also advocate for an emphasis on programs for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Supports legislation that provides proactive measures to protect service members from domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • We support the use of medical marijuana and holistic medicine in VA Facilities in order to reduce the use of opiates.
  • We demand that the federal government fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including full staffing, so that there are no backlogs in providing service in the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, or the National Cemeteries Administration.
  • We support making training available to medical students that focuses specifically on military and veterans’ healthcare.
  • We support ensuring reciprocal professional certifications and licensure for veterans and military families.
  • We support hiring Veterans Advocates in the Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NDVS) to ensure that our veterans receive the full benefits that they are entitled to by law, in a timely manner without exploitation or harassment.
  • We support the establishment of a “Nevada Veterans Fund” to provide short-term, refundable financial assistance to Veterans and Military Families awaiting their VA benefits.
  • We support the expansion of the US Department of Energy “Solar Ready Vets” program to Nevada in order to educate Veterans and Military Families to work in the solar energy field.
  • We support granting “Honorable Discharges” to those veterans who were discharged because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
  • We support equal and inclusive services to LGBTQI* veterans and their families.

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