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2022 CCDP Convention: Saturday Pre-Caucus Bulletin

Here are this morning's caucus and convention updates!

Good morning, Clark County Democrats!

Here are this morning’s caucus and convention updates!

Zoom Links: Zoom links for the morning Caucuses and afternoon Convention are being sent. You will receive your links by 9:00 am. If you have not received your Zoom information by 9:00 am, please send an email to

Precinct Caucuses: You will be notified by 10:00 am if you must participate in an election in your Caucus. There are 25 precincts with three (3) or more candidates. You will receive a separate email indicating if you are in one of these competitive precincts. If you are not in a competitive precinct, you do not need to attend the caucuses. You will still receive a link to attend as a guest.

Proposed Convention Rules and Platform: You can review the proposed Convention Rules and Party Platform at the Convention Hub. You may also use the links below.

Convention Rules

Party Platform

Convention Voting and Participation: You will receive a unique Delegate PIN as well as unique links for participating in the Convention in an email tomorrow. This email will be sent by 1:00 pm. If you do not receive this email by 1:00 pm, please send an email to

Please continue to watch your email and the Convention Hub website for updates throughout the day!

In Unity,

Chris Roberts
Chair, Clark County Democratic Party

Clark County Democrats serve Nevada's largest and most diverse metropolitan area.

From urban Las Vegas to rural Mesquite, we live and work in the 11th largest county in the United States. Our diverse people and landscapes host a political bellwether for Nevada and the nation.