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Chair Roberts Issues Formal Call for the 2022 CCDP Convention

Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party, Chris Roberts, made the formal call for the 2022 Clark County Democratic Party Convention in an email to outgoing Central Committee members.

The text of that email follows:

Dear Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee Members,

It’s my privilege to formally make the call for our 2022 Clark County Democratic Party Convention. On April 30, 2022, Democrats from across Clark County will gather to encourage, energize, and uplift each other as we celebrate our accomplishments and prepare for the work ahead! All caucus and Convention business will be conducted virtually, with options and opportunities for you to meet in person with your fellow Democrats!

As the 2020-2022 Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee (CCCC) term comes to an end, I want to thank all of our outgoing CCCC members for your perseverance, effort, and outstanding service over the past two years. Together, we have endured some of the toughest times in living memory, but because of your dedication, our Party is emerging from these challenges stronger and more capable than ever.

I am asking and inviting you to continue to serve Democrats here in Clark County and all across Nevada. Please consider nominating yourself to be a delegate to our County Convention. Pending your election as a delegate to our County Convention, you may also declare your candidacy to be a delegate to the State Convention on June 30, to serve again on the CCCC, and for election to the State Central Committee. You can self-nominate at the following link:

In this critical midterm year, our work has never been more important. Keeping our battleground state blue affects not just the lives of those of us here in Nevada but the lives of every single American. Clark County, along with the rest of Nevada, will be critical in shaping the direction of our nation and our future. We are committed, now and always, to building a better, freer, fairer world for all of us, and it’s going to take every single Democrat to be a part of that work. We’ve done it before, and we’re going to do it again. When Democrats stand together, Democrats win!

In Unity,

Chris Roberts
Chair, Clark County Democratic Party

Clark County Democrats serve Nevada's largest and most diverse metropolitan area.

From urban Las Vegas to rural Mesquite, we live and work in the 11th largest county in the United States. Our diverse people and landscapes host a political bellwether for Nevada and the nation.