Who We Are

The Clark County Democratic Party (CCDP) is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in the County of Clark. CCDP works in cooperation with the State and National Democratic Committees.

CCDP represents over 367,000 registered Democrats and a population of just over 2 million in the 5 cities and the unincorporated areas of Clark County.

Supporting the CCDP is the single most effective step you can take to continue leading our cities, state and country in a new direction. By fighting for Democratic majorities in the state legislature, protecting our Democratic members and electing new Democrats to Congress, and working to elect a Democratic President, we can keep Clark County and our country moving forward.

Donna West, Chair


Donna West is the Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party.

Donna has been a political activist since she was a teenager, marching for the Equal Rights Amendment and women’s reproductive rights.  

Donna has lived in Nevada for over 40 years and spent more than 30 years in Clark County.  After retiring as the Administrator of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, where she lead the agencies offices statewide, Donna became involved in politics at all levels.

Beginning with John Kerry’s presidential campaign Donna has been a precinct captain, caucus site leader, convention delegate and grassroots volunteer leader.  During the 2016 coordinated campaign, Donna was a national delegate to the DNC and opened her garage as a satellite field office to organize and launch canvassers and hold phone banks.  

Donna is the grandmother of two boys and is fighting for the Democratic agenda of equality, social justice, and our environment for their future.

Growing the county party is vital to our efforts to keep turning Nevada blue.  Please consider becoming a precinct captain or joining a club or caucus.  Join your Democratic friends and neighbors in our efforts on behalf of our nation, our state and our county.

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Get Involved

We are counting on you to help us. The CCDP is supported by the contributions of individuals and other groups who are committed to electing Democrats to office both locally and nationally.

Please realize how vitally important you are to maintaining and increasing Democratic majorities in local, county, state and federal governments.  Before you leave, take just a moment to get involved by subscribing to our newsletter, helping us spread the word about an issue you care about, making a financial contribution, applying to become a precinct captain, or volunteering .

Please feel free to contact us to share ideas and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your support.